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Maxine Trottier.  Blood Upon Our Land (Dear Canada series)
Scholastic  $14.99  ISBN 978-0-545-99905-2  231 pg.
Reviewed by Esme, Age 9

Le 30 avril 1885

Edmond says the Gatling gun does not fire. Instead, it spits out bullets, hundreds and hundreds in less than a minute. Compared to those soldiers, we may as well be armed with brooms.

Imagine, one day your life is peaceful, the next day news of war is leaking out. Imagine you’re only trying to get claim to your land, you and your family have had it as long as you’ve lived there, and the government still says it is not your own. This is what happened to Josephine Bouvier and the rest of her family in the 1885 resistance. All she can do is weep as the men of her family are thrown into war.

This diary-style book was interesting, but it was a hard and sad read at times. Since Josephine is Métis, she speaks some French and some Michif, and a small amount of Cree. This was one of the reasons this book was hard, but there are glossaries near the back to translate. At the beginning this book was sort of boring, but after a while it got exciting. Blood Upon Our Land is recommended for ages 9-12. It can be a hard read at times, and some of it was hard to bear, like during the war.

This was an okay book, but it went up and down from boring to exciting and back again. I give Blood Upon Our Land three stars.


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