Cat Fight
Erica, Age 13, Subic, Philippines

It was already dawn when Cricket returned home. He knew his human had gone to sleep already, but Cricket had other ways of getting in.

“Fred! George! Are you two in there?” called Cricket.

“No,” came a voice next to him, “but Sandy is inside. She might let you in, if you brought her something.”

Fred and George came from the same litter, and were both ginger-and-white she-cats. Cricket thought of how idiotic he had been to think that the two girls would be inside at night, when the two clearly liked to sleep inside their generator or on the porch. Sandy wouldn’t let him in. Not after all the times he had taken her food.

“How come you’re always so mean to your sister, Cricket?” asked George.

“Just because we both have grey-and-white fur doesn’t mean we’re related, George.” said Cricket.

“Still,” said Fred, “she won’t let you in unless you brought her a present, maybe a tooth that you knocked out from that stray tom. She doesn’t like him.”

“I guess that means that I’m sleeping on the porch tonight. You want to join me?”

“Sure! But how will we get there? We can’t climb the wall, remember?” said Fred.

“I’ll carry you there, one by one. Come on, let’s go!”

As Cricket carried Fred by her scruff he realized that she had gotten a lot heavier than before, and he barely made the jump to the next wall. He dropped her off and went to get George.

The three were relieved to finally get to the porch. Their relief was swept away when they saw the stray tom on the couch.

“Leave, Saber. This is our house.” Said Cricket.

“Are you willing to fight for it?” Challenged Saber.

The two cats started hissing at each other, and before Cricket could think twice, he was lost in a storm of claws and fur. Almost immediately, the oldest human brought the dog out, and the battle was over. Cricket took a final blow by raking his claws across Saber’s fur. He had won.

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