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Julie White. High Fences
Sono Nis $9.95  ISBN 978-1-55039-063-1  190 pg.
Reviewed by Anastasia, Age 10

Elan shot forward like a bullet. They pounded around the far turn, chunks of turf flying up from the mare's hooves. Hunkered down against the withers, Faye prayed Elan wouldn't slip. One hoof sliding and they'd fall together-

The main character is 12-year-old Faye who is the owner of Robin, a brown and white mare. Faye's family can't afford to keep their farm and there is someone willing to buy Robin for a small fortune. Faye can either choose to sell their farm and keep Robin or sell Robin and keep the farm. What will Faye decide?

I liked High Fences because it showed what a real rider would be feeling in a race. I also liked how the cover had a picture of Faye and Robin. Thirdly, I liked how exciting the story started off, with Faye and Robin in a race. Next, I liked how in the end I didn't know what Faye was going to do. Lastly, I liked how the detail didn't go on and on and make the story boring. 

Julie White lives on a horse farm near Armstrong, B.C. Along with her husband, a former jockey, she raises thoroughbreds for racing and jumping. She rides every day and competes in jumping classes at horse shows, often against her two grown daughters. She's a pony club examiner, riding instructor and course designer. High Fences is Julie White’s second book, which is the sequel to the award winning, The Secret Pony.
I would give High Fences a four star rating.


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