Sarah's Stars

Luanne Armstrong. Pete's Gold
Ronsdale $10.95  ISBN 978-1-55380-059-0  188 pg. 
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 11

He clambered carefully down the cliff, and then hurried under the trees, through the brush, over the railroad track, and onto the stretch of white sand beach. And stopped. 

Down at the edge of the beach, where he had left the boat pulled up on the sand was only dark green water. A wind had come up and waves were crashing on the beach. He looked up and down the lake. There was the boat, drifting farther and farther away.

Pete is an average 13-year-old boy who is carted off to his grandma's place when his recently divorced parents are too busy to look after him. Thinking he's in for the most boring summer ever, Pete doesn't want to do anything until he finds out about some hidden treasure, encounters a ghost, a skeleton, and an adventure.

Luanne Armstrong has created vividly real characters that are so life-like you are surprised that they do not exist! Lots of the charactersí situations were realistic, and their personalities were human. The best part for me was the characters. The thing I disliked was the fact that the adventure part of the story in some ways was too easy; nothing went really wrong. For me, I did not feel a huge climax in the story, which was disappointing. Yet, Luanne Armstrong has created characters that you grow to adore, making it a book that you cannot put down.

Luanne Armstrong is a Canadian author, a professor of creative writing, a novelist and a freelance writer. She has written many books and poems, and even some award winning books for children. Luanne lives on a farm on the east shore of Kootenay Lake, British Columbia.

All in all, I give Pete's Gold 3 and one half stars and recommend it to readers grades four and up.


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