Haunted House
Regan, Age 12, Subic, Philippines

When you look at a haunted house
What do you imagine?
Scary ghosts saying boo!
As you walk in pitch black all around you?
Or do you say to yourself, “This is not like Grandma’s, with her sweet smell of cookies, unlike this house, with the fear of gooey things.”
What do you imagine?
Someone screaming inside?
Or the thing that might happen when you go within the eyes?
That hallucination when you enter the house?
Or the opposite of sugar, that none knows, but knows it’s something dreadful?
Which is it?
Choose now
‘Cause I want to meet you Saturday night,
When the moon is full,
On Bloomsberry lane,
With your flash light,
Because you will know what will happen,
When you open the doors of Old Tom’s house,
You will taste the fear of a haunted house.

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