York Keys
Alex, Age 13, Easton, CT

It all started with a phone call from my friend Derek. He invited me to go to a baseball game with him. But it wasn’t any baseball game, it was opening day at the new stadium for the York Keys. To make it even more special the Yankees' pitcher A.J. Sabathia was pitching that day. A.J. was going for the record for the most shutouts of all pitchers in the Major League. The date of the game was April 2nd, and I was counting the seconds until the game.

The day of the game I was so excited. In the morning I couldn’t wait for Derek to pick me up to go to the game. When he and his dad pulled up, I jumped into the car as fast as I could. The whole car ride I was just shivering waiting to get there. When we got there I was so amazed at how big the stadium was. The inside was even better. There was a huge 106” plasma screen T.V. showing the other games of the MLB that were going on. I guessed the whole place must have cost around 1 billion dollars. Little did I know that I didn’t even see the best part of the stadium yet.

At my first glimpse of the field my first thought was ”wow.” The field was one of the nicest fields I have ever seen. Like all the other fields it had many advertisements on the outfield fence. It was a sold out game, and all the seats were taken. The fans were already cheering before the game had even started.

As soon as A.J. Sabathia walked on the field everyone started cheering and one of the other team's fans booed. The game would be another typical game for the Keys. A.J. would pitch a shutout while the other players just bat in run after run after run. Right out of the gate A.J. struck his first three batters out. Of course the other Keys brought in two runs. This routine kept on going until the ninth inning, where the visiting team, the Plymouth Pioneers got bases loaded and 1 out. It wasn’t looking too good for A.J.

With bases loaded one out all A.J. needed was a ground ball to get the shutout, break the record, and win the game. Derek and I were standing on our seats trying to see over the people in front of us. To try to get a ground ball A.J. was keeping his pitches very low. Because of him trying to pitch low, he pitched two balls below the batter’s knees. Now he knew the batter wouldn’t swing so he just pitched a strike. 3-1.

On the next pitch, he tried to keep it low, but a strike. The batter foul tipped it. 3-2. A.J. buckled down for what might be the most important pitch of his career. He tried to trick the batter by throwing a curveball. So from the batter's point of view it looked like the pitch would be high, so he could crush it. But right about the time it was about to reach the plate, it dipped down. Because of this, the batter hit an easy ground ball to the 2nd baseman and he turned the double play. Game over. The crowd went wild, the whole York Keys team went up to A.J. and celebrated with him. Derek and I jumped up and down in our seat. The Keys won their season opener, and A.J. Sabathia became one of the best pitchers of all time.

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