Leap of Faith
Annette, Age 14, Taipei, Taiwan

At the top of the confidence course
Wobbling, trembling, shaking,
Hands superglued to the hemp rope

Donít look down

What was underneath
I was unsure of
A pit of fire with hungry flames,
licking at my heels
A pit of black nothingness,
Forcefully embracing my heels

Just donít look down

The other side
Mountains apart
Seas apart
Countries apart

Head up, donít look down

Deep breath
L  E   A    P     E      D
Didnít make it
Dangling in midair
In the middle of nowhere

Was not that far away
the wooden platform I yearned to touch
so close, yet so far

NO! Donít look down!

All of a sudden

My webbing tugged a little
an invisible angel guiding me towards heaven
the rope swaying
And my foot met safety

I looked back
the return path
L  E   A    P     E      D

Perfectly judged


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