The Locked Box
Hannah, Age 12, Huntington, NY

Jason had never felt so foolish before, and he hoped that he'd never feel so foolish again. He just opened a locked box. In a whoosh of icy cold wind and a high pitched screech, something came out of it. There was also a smell like something was decaying and had gotten electrocuted all of a sudden. Jason had smelled that smell before when he found a bat in some mud and didn't know it was dead and tried to warm it up by putting it near a electrical socket. That was when he was about four and didn't know any better.

"Why, oh why, didn't I pay attention in Mythology class?! And why did I listen to Helen?" Jason wailed. "I should know by now that listening to her gets me into trouble. And this box was locked! It was just like whatsherface..... Pandora. Some of that whateveritwas must have been bad."

Groaning softly, Jason went downstairs to tell him mother, May, what he'd done.

"Mom, I opened the box. I'm sorry. Helen told me to and she unlocked the box, but made me open it."

All May did was smile and say, "Ah well. It was meant to be."

Three hours later, May was shot through the head. Then Helen stole a book. Several other crimes were committed, but None of them had been done before.

Jason knew that he had been a male Pandora and his sister a female Pandora and that they had opened a Pandora's Box.

It was the very last of the ten Boxes. It was done, completed. Every sin possible had entered the world.

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