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David Jones. Monks In Space
Annick $10.95  ISBN 978-1-55451-150-1  239 pg.
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 11

Then another alarm began screaming in his ears and Bart saw a thin jet of air from his shoulder seal. At the same time, the words PRESSURE DROP flashed on his faceplate. Another spurt of the reaction harness and he began guiding them down toward the airlock.

"Where are you going?"  Gary's voice crackled over the radio. "Let's just wait it out here, like we planned."

"I'm losing air!" said Bart.

Gary's surprised curse was lost in the sound of the decompression alarm.

They were heading toward the airlock, too fast. The suit alarm was screaming in Bart's ears as they tumbled to the deck, bounced off, and hit the ceiling. Bart was still losing pressure. As he fought for breath, his vision began to narrow and the keening of the alarm grew fainter.

Bart is a novice Monk in the 23rd century who is also in training to pilot the Monastery - the Spaceship the monks live in. Things start to go wrong when there is almost a robbery and the spaceship takes a deadly turn into orbit near the sun.

Monks In Space was a very ... unique... story that I found kind of silly. Jones has put together a sci-fi book that may spark interest for many male readers ages 10 and up.  I found the characters, plot and setting a little silly, which made them hard to believe.  I felt the book made fun of Monks. Some parts of the story were exciting, and even though I didn't like the characters, it made me keep reading. 

David Jones is a Canadian author who grew up in Vancouver, B.C., and has a degree in Zoology, and has always made sure to sign up for one writing course a year. He has written screenplays, books, radio plays, and scripts that were mainly about animals. He has even written an interactive show at NASA's Space Center in Houston!

This reviewer gives Monks In Space 2 stars and recommends it for middle school readers interested in sci-fi adventures.


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