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Janet Stevens & Susan Stevens Crummel.  Help Me, Mr. Mutt!
Harcourt  $18.95  ISBN 978-0-15-204628  48 pg.
Reviewed by Grace, Age 9

Dear Mr. Mutt,

  Play, play.  I love to play.
  Every day. Every way.
  “Go away!” my people say.
  “Not today!”
  What, no play?
  They just sit and watch TV.
  Woe is me.
  Sit, sit.
  Watch, watch.
  I’m bored.
  Help me, Mr. Mutt!
                    -Underplayed in Utah

P.S. Even our cat is a lazy bum.

Help Me, Mr. Mutt! takes place in the office of Mr. Mutt, Canine Counselor and doggie dilemma master.  He helps dogs in need of it, for example: Famished, Overdressed, and Underplayed (Underplayed’s letter shown above).  But look out; don’t anger The Queen, Mr. Mutt’s cranky cat, who can be very fierce.

I personally think this is a great book and that, no matter what age you are, if you see this book in a bookstore, the first move to make is buy it.  It was probably written for ages 6-9, but if you love humor, this book is great for you.  The cover is very inviting with a readable title and hilarious illustration.  The text is readable, except the letters from The Queen, which are a bit hard for those kids just learning how to read. There isn’t too much text on the page and the text by the illustrations is appropriate to the subject.  

Although writing children’s books is a new career for Suzan Stevens, she has written 12 other books including Cook-a-doodle-doo, Shoe Town, Tumbleweed Stew and Jackalope. Before she was a writer she was a math teacher for 31 years.  She still lives in Fort Worth and you can visit her website at

I would give Help Me, Mr. Mutt!  4 and one-half stars for its humour and illustrations.


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