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Barrie Summy. I So Donít Do Mysteries
Delacorte $18.99  ISBN  978-0-385-73602-2  272 pg. 
Reviewed by Anika, Age 10

Imagine this: Your dad is marrying your math teacher, and deporting you to San Diego to stay with your aunt. Your mom is a ghost who can only contact you through coffee and wants you to solve a mystery and prevent rhino poachers from poaching rhinos. All this time you are trying to maintain a boyfriend and a normal life. This is the life of Sherry Holmes Baldwin.

Sherlock Holmes Baldwin is your average 7th grade girl, who ends up going to San Diego with her best friend Junie and Junieís snobby cousin. Sherry spends a lot of her time at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. She finds out that her boyfriend Josh is from San Diego, and he is coming to visit family. Soon Sherry, Junie and Josh, Sherryís bizarre-o supernatural mom and her grandpa, who happens to be a wren, are right in the middle of a rhino heist. They do some pretty wacky things to save the rhinos.

I think I So Donít Do Mysteries is probably best for older readers ages 11 and up because Sherryís actions are sometimes hard to follow and thereís a lot of romance planning involving kissing.  If you did enjoy this book, it is actually the first in the I So Donít Do series. Other titles in this series are I So Donít Do Spooky and I So Donít Do Makeup. The author, Barrie Summy, specializes in tween novels. She grew up in Toronto and now lives in the U.S.A.

This book was not the easiest book to figure out, like what Sherry was doing. I never really was able to understand or care about the characters and what happened to them. They had no depth or reason. There were characters that you met and then never saw again, making it more confusing. Enemies sometimes randomly become best friends, then enemies again. The beginning doesnít lead into what happens in the story.

I give I So Donít Do Mysteries three stars but recommend it for older readers.


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