The Soldier
Brandon, Age 13, Brooklyn, NY

Battle forged in the irons of hell
It is the most powerful weapon in the world
Unstoppable and yet not
It came from hell.
Therefore it must bring it
The Soldier has a special power
That allows it to feel no fear in the eyes of pain
The Soldier is infinite
never stops fighting
never stops killing
never stops destroying for freedom
never gives in
In the face of impossible odds
But what they fight for
May bring them every closer to extinction.

The Soldier isn’t afraid of death.
The Soldier isn’t afraid to deal with death.
attacks without resent
Killing enemies without the slightest sign of emotion.
forged by war
runs into the heat of battle
Unafraid of the objective at hand
Willing to spare lives at will
The Soldier…
Is the hero of nations.

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