Daisy, Age 13, Brooklyn, NY

Trying anything I can find
Doing the first thing thatís on my mind
I shout I scream, I scream I shout
No words to express whatís come about
I have this feeling I canít explain,
An emotion I canít contain

Trying anything I can find
Doing things that are one of a kind
No one can explain not even find.
Those who look, those who try
Will see how time goes by.
Try and try but canít succeed
Nothing will stop us but weíll just proceed

Trying anything I can find
Broad out of my mind
Trying to find something to do
All my life Iíve been lied to
All my life they tell me what to do
Ma & Pa say thatís not good
Find your way through the woods
And youíll find the answer you never understood.

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