Regan, Age 12, Subic, Philippines

The question that everybody hates,
The thing that blows up right in your face,
Every time someone asks that same old question over and over again,
They say it for a reason but sometimes it gets annoying,
They just keep asking and asking it,
But itís something to enjoy,
Cause if there wasnít the question why in the world,
What would happen?
Would there be happiness?
Or a life of misery?
If no one knew something about you, then how would you have best friends?
I mean itís something to enjoy having best friends,
So why not enjoy having the Question why?
Why, why, why?
Why donít you like the question why?
Is it annoying like I just said?
Or is it just something hard to understand?
Why, why, why?
Celebrate it, for today is today and thatís just why.

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