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Adrienne Kress. Alex and the Ironic Gentleman
Scholastic Canada  $8.99  ISBN 978-0-545-99063-9  404 pg. 
Reviewed by Esme, Age 9

As the HMS Valiant passed the breakwater and the shipís sails caught the wind, Alex could easily see why Magnanimous was happy to return to sea so soon. It was a truly wonderful feeling standing on deck in the bright sunshine with the deep blue of the sea stretching out in front of them like infinity.

Alex Morningside, a ten and one half year old girl, is not looking forward to her year-six teacher at the Wigpowder-Steele Academy, Mrs. Swinsky. However, this year brings an exciting new teacher, Mr. Underwood. He becomes fast friends with Alex and her uncle, but not everyone is happy heís in town. When his house is burned down he moves in with Alex, and she is thrown into an adventure she could never imagine.

 THIS WAS A GREAT BOOK!!!! It was very exciting, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. This book included many characters, some exciting, some wacky, and some just downright nasty. There was scenery you could imagine, and a wonderful plot. I can hardly find anything wrong with it, although, I found that Alex could have spent more time at sea.

 Adrienne Kress was born and raised in Toronto. Besides being a writer, she is also an actress. In university, she studied with the Canadian playwright Djanet Sears. A play she wrote was performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Alex and the Ironic Gentleman was her first novel. Her second novel is Timothy and the Dragonís Gate.

This was a GREAT book. I give Alex and the Ironic Gentleman five stars and recommend it to ages 9 and up.


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