Mailys, Age 12, Douala, Cameroon

When we have you
We look at our problems and chuckle!
We look at our life and say to ourselves,
‘Why worry?’
We always look at the bright side of life,
You make us feel like we are an attraction,
Even if there are ups and downs,
Everyone still enjoys you,
When you’re so good to us!

Why be angry at some people?
Why make them obsessed with their problems?
Why make them feel surrounded by darkness?
You are so good with some of us,
But for some reason
Not with all.

You are reaction,
A way of thinking,
A way of talking,
The Golden Rule.
But the person you live in,
Is not always motivated,
Or confident.
Does not always feel
Helpful around people,
Enjoyable or safe.
They feel they hate
Their surroundings.
They are like bugs that bug you,
They easily get crushed under your shoes.

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