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Anthony Bourke & John Rendall. Christian the Lion
Delacorte $18.99  ISBN 978-0-385-73856-9  120 pg.
Reviewed by Taya, Age 11

"Can we really raise a lion?"
But it was Christian who decided to answer his question. He padded over to the two men and looked up at John - he wanted to play. He stretched up to place his paws on John's chest, then licked his face.  

John gasped, delighted by Christian's show of affection.
" I think we can!" Ace whispered.
Christian was home.

Christian the Lion is about a lion sold at a department store. Luckily, he was sold to two loving and understanding men, John and Ace. When Christian gets too big to live in their basement, they bring him to Africa so he can be free. After bonding with Katrina and Boy, two lions who also need to be released, Christian must learn to be a "real" lion. One year after he is released John and Ace come to visit and are pleased when they see he has formed his own pride and still remembers them.
I would recommend Christian the Lion for grades 4 and 5.  This book is based on a real story and you can watch it on YouTube.  The last 12 pages in this book are interesting facts about Christian, some real characters from the story and some other animals that come from Kenya.  There are also some pictures of Christian with captions.  I like all the funny things that Christian does.
I would recommend this book for grades 4 and 5 because it was easy to read but some parts of the book are hard to follow.  I liked how right away you got into the story.  There was good detail, which made it easier to follow. The story is very heart warming and has a good ending because it doesn't really leave you hanging but it doesn't tell you EVERYTHING!  Also this book didn't take a REALLY long time to read and I liked that.
I give Christian the Lion 5 golden stars!!!


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