Walked Deep
Victoria, Age 10, Liverpool, England

Deep inside the graveyard

I was welcomed by a hand

An unfriendly hand,

My body froze

As I was forced to stand.

Stand upon the grave,

The grave of a woman,

But she did not lie there,

She stood beside me,

Beside the grave,

Beneath the tree.

"Do not fear,"

Said she,

Said she with a smile,

A smile that made me do the same,

I looked upon the floor

As it began to rain.

There was my name:

My name upon the grave,

The Grave of the woman,

That stood beneath the tree,

The tree next to the woman,

That stood beside me.

My heart slowed,

Slowed down suddenly,

My body weakened,

Continuing 'till I reached the floor,

My eyes closed,

And I said no more.

A ghost was I,

The ghost of the woman,

That I saw the grave of,

As she stood beside me;

Next to her grave

Beneath the tree.

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