Sarah's Stars

John Bendall-Brunello.  Dinosnore
Andersen $24.95  ISBN 978-1-84270-788-3
Reviewed by Mena, Age 15

Come on, Mum, wake up!

Three baby dragons are trying everything to wake up their sleeping mother.  They push, poke, tickle and even roll her into a slimy mud puddle!  But the little dragons are going to be surprised when she does wake up.

John Bendall-Brunello’s clear, bright colors are just the thing for little kids to enjoy. Despite the fact that there are only a few words on each page, the story is clearly illustrated in the pictures. Having read Dinosnore to my three-year-old brother, I can say that all little kids will enjoy it because of its simplicity. I would also suggest this book for very beginner readers because the type is big and easy to read; they can follow along with the pictures as they go. I think this story is appropriate for all little kids. 

I give Dinosnore four stars.


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