The Dream Website
Victoria, Age 10, Liverpool, England

"What are you doing up here, Katie?"

"Leave me alone, I'm dreaming."

"But you're on the computer."


Katie loved being by herself, with the computer in front of her.

'Welcome. Please enter your username and password.'

Katie quickly typed in the words: Katie and 'Horses'.

'Connecting to server, please wait...'

She tapped impatiently on the hard-drive and spun around on her chair.

'Welcome. Please enter a word in the searchbox and we will see if we can find a website for you.'

Katie typed in the word, dream, and waited for the screen to reload.

'Top Three Results:

Cheap holidays for all of the family. From Spain to Australia. Flights included.

Your own virtual world. You can become a princess, an animal, or even a model. Join now for free!

Don't wish for what you want, have what you want. This websites takes you to that dream. Absolutely free.'

Hurrying, Katie quickly clicked on the website at the bottom of the page  (WWW.LIVETHEDREAM.COM) and waited for the webpage to load. The page was filled with pink glitter and sparkles just like she'd imagined.

'Welcome. Please type in the searchbox what you would like to be.'

Katie typed in; princess, and clicked enter.

'Are you sure you would like to be a princess?'

Yes, she typed in the empty response box.

'Having fancy dresses and loads of friends. Going to parties constantly.
But what if Prince Charming was disgusting, and the photographers kept on taking nasty photos of you?'

No, she then typed in. Then; she was taken back to the homepage, where she started again. This time she typed in the response, cat; and clicked enter.

'Are you sure you want to be a Cat?'

Yes, she typed in again.

'Having lots of fur and getting stroked, doing what ever you wish?
But what if you had fleas and your owner gave you nasty cat food?'

No, she again typed. Again, she was taken back to the homepage. It was like there was no way out. Katie thought long and hard about her dream, and then realised that she didn't really have one. Her life was already perfect. I mean, she was treated well and got whatever she wanted, although her grandma had recently moved away she could cope.

She closed the window and decided to log off the computer.

'Are you sure you want to log off? Your dream could come true?'

Of course, typed in Katie. "It seems my dream has already come true..."

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