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Sharon Jennings. Home Free
Second Story $8.95  ISBN 978-1-897187-55-5  152 pg.
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 11

"I don't belong to anybody! I'm not an orphan! I'm just not wanted! You don't want to be owned. Well I am owned and my owner doesn't want me!"

Then she ran out of the cottage. The back door slammed like a gunshot.

Leanna Mets (Lee) is a girl growing up in the 1960s and she wants to be a writer, but that's not what good girls do. Or so says her mother. Leanna spends her time reading books- especially Anne of Green Gables- and fantasizing about being an orphan like Anne. That is, until a real orphan moves in next-door. Then Lee discovers that being an orphan really isn't that fun.

Home Free is a brilliant story that is imaginative and cunning, with a clever storyline that twists and turns with emotion. This story is easy to understand and a great read, even though some may find the time period hard to relate to.  Home Free is a thoroughly enjoyable book that had no bland or starchy parts that make you yawn, but instead a rollercoaster of a book that is filled with emotion.

Sharon Jennings has written over 60 books, and is an award-winning author and editor. When she was a girl she enjoyed writing plays, and would always cast herself as the lead role. Jennings has truly captured the 1960s in a beautiful story that I would recommend for ages 10-12.

I give Sharon Jennings' Home Free 5 stars. A Gutsy Girl Book.


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