Sarah's Stars

Shirley Hughes. Jonadab and Rita
The Bodley Head  $24.95 ISBN 978-0-370-32928-4
Reviewed by Mena, Age 15

“It gets very boring being in the toy box all the time.” Jonadab complained to Rita.  “I wish Minnie would at least talk to us sometimes.”

Rita agreed, but she was small and used to being easily overlooked.

Jonadab and Rita belong to Minnie, but they are being forgotten because they are old.  Jonadab has a secret that Minnie doesn’t know about: he can fly!  So when Jonadab decides he is tired of being ignored, he flies away and discovers a fairy feast. But now he can’t find his way home and is lost in the park. Will Rita be able to save her friend?

Shirley Hughes has written a compelling story about two friends. This story’s beautiful artwork adds to the feel of the book. This story of friendship was touching and most kids will enjoy reading about Rita and Jonadab’s adventures.

I give Jonadab and Rita four stars and would suggest it for ages seven and up.


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