My Medals, My Shame
Carissa, Age 16, Ashburn, VA

I stand here before you, dressed and at the ready
My gun beside my leg, uniform and steady
What I am about to do is less than inhumane
Kill my own men and forget my birth name
I am but a dog, a follower, a torn lost soul
All this destruction and death has taken its toll
On everything

The wrinkles in my face and lines through my lips
Mark the lives of the innocent, the mothers, the kids
The honorable title of death I reign in terror through Pyongyang
34 Medals rest upon my breast and every one in utter shame
Never would I think I would see the day hell has froze over
My beloved Korea, my home, my mother.

What honor, what grace, what power you shall hold
What strength, what courage, what righteousness you shall mold
My, my what a big army you have
This piece of heaven on earth you keep so tidy
May all cower in fear of your presence
For you are the greatest in all of its essence

Your men watch with open eyes
Your women always with smiles
Only you can bring happiness upon any face
Only you can turn your back and set the pace
As genocide tortures the innocence of our people
Of these fallen streets

I watch your cowardly moves, day in, day out
Wondering if procrastination is even allowed
I obey, silently and without hesitation

I want the world to see what I see.

I want to be alive when that line is crossed
When our long lost brothers are reunited to meet cruel strangers
Our smiles hide the pain hidden behind these closed doors
Our sweat and blood stain the floors
And yet you keep on going

You have pushed us past our breaking point
We are dead walking amongst the dying
We have no souls, know no right from wrong
We are disgusting putrid imitations of you

Even though I am struggling to hold on
I wait in anticipation
For the day is soon… master
The day you drown in the blood of our children, our forefathers
In thy name of the all the heavens above
May you die.

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