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Natale Ghent. The Odds Get Even
HarperTrophy  $14.99  ISBN 978-1-55468-412-0  199 pg.
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 11

Itchy’s father assumed one of his famous poses, hip stuck out, arm stretched in the air, one finger poised.  “Notice anything…peculiar?  Anything out of the ordinary?” He tossed his greasy hair and struck another pose.

Boney squinted at the white outfit, the same white outfit that had been covered in fake blood only hours ago.  There was something peculiar about it.  It was sparkling clean, that was for sure.  Sparkling white, not a trace of the blood from the night before, not a single, itty bitty speck to remind them of their failed attempt at tarring and feathering the mail thief…not a single, little…

“Sequins!”  Itchy’s dad cued him at last.

The boys stared at each other in horror.  As if the rose trellis debacle wasn’t enough!

“I don’t know what you boys did, or why,” Itchy’s dad continued, in a trembling, heartbroken Elvis voice, “but it’s gonna take a hunk o’ hunk o’ love for me to get over this.”  He gritted his teeth then pouted, holding his hand up in true Elvis style.  “Four thousand sequins.  The pain.  The love.”

Boney, Itchy, and Squeak are a little odd, and a little different from everyone else.  As a result, Larry Harry and his cronies, Jones and Jones, tease them.  But the odds are sick and tired of getting teased, and it’s time for payback...

The Odds Get Even was an unusual book that was very light hearted and fun.  This book would most likely appeal to boys because of the characters, setting and plot. But, I also found that this book was kind of stereotypical because of the attitudes and personalities of some of the teachers, parents and kids.  In some ways this benefits the story because the characters are easy to follow but yet it makes them kind of expected and unrealistic.  This book was still fun to read.  I would recommend it to any boy who was looking for a funny, comical story to read.

I give The Odds Get Even 3 Stars and recommend it for ages 8-12.


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