Get Out of My House
Zak, Age 15, Oak Park, IL

On a beautiful day in June, only days after schools closed for the summer, two teenagers sit and speak to each other in a basement. Arthur sits in a chair on the left side of the room. He never insults anyone. He believes in honesty, generosity, courtesy, and hard work. He is beloved by all who meet him. Girls compete over him. He only dates a select few, and he always treats them like queens. He excels at both football and baseball. He can play any position in baseball. He once hit 3 grand slams in a single game. He once struck out 15 batters in a row. He once threw a 50 yard touchdown in football and forced a fumble on the ensuing play. He was named to the all-state team in both sports his freshman year. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to tell you of those adventures. Overall, he is the perfect teenager.

Across from Arthur, Sam reclines on a couch. Sam often picks fights and never shows respect to authority. Instead of studying, he likes to go to house parties and drink until he passes out. He often wakes up not knowing where he is. He towers over most boys his age. Even though he doesn’t put in the time to join a team, he could easily play football or wrestling. Despite his large build, he is no ugly man and easily finds girls to chase. He loves to talk and tell stories. Some are about his life experiences, others are rumors or stories he heard from other people. No matter the source, most are quite crude. Even though Arthur and Sam seem like polar opposites, they get along quite well. As far as status goes, they both belong to relatively wealthy families.

“When are those two gonna show up?” Arthur says.

“Give em a little time bro. I just texted Claire. She said that they’re on their way.” Sam replies.

“So what really happened between Claire and Jon?” Arthur asks.

Sam answers, “You know what happens with Claire and guys. She just gets tired of them.”

Five minutes later, the doorbell rings. Sam opens the door to see Claire and Hannah standing outside. Claire has a taste for the finer things in life. She’s wearing her $300 designer shades and just paid $75 for a well-known stylist to cut her hair. She frequently visits Europe and plans to go again in a few weeks. Like Sam, she likes to attend an occasional house party and drink a little. She loves boys, and boys love her. She never has to do much to get a new boyfriend. Her beauty is something that few men can resist. Even though she just broke up with Jon a few days ago, she is already looking for someone new to date. Jon has already become another name on her list of past boyfriends.

Hannah is Claire’s best friend. However, like Arthur and Sam, the two have a lot of differences. Hannah is easily satisfied. She dresses plain, but even that shows off her good looks. She doesn’t really like parties. She prefers to relax. She’d much rather stay at home and watch a movie with close friends. She often does that with Claire, that is, when Claire isn’t out partying. She takes a more mature stance with relationships. She wants something meaningful and lasting. Most of all, she wants a guy who will respect her independence and individuality.

“Well, aren’t you going to invite us in?” Claire says.

“Of course, how could I be so thoughtless? Please, come in.” Arthur replies

The four of them relaxe and hang out in the basement for the next 2 hours. Then, Arthur’s father walks down the stairs.

He says, “Good Lord, why are you kids down in this dreary basement on such a beautiful summer day.”

“Well if it’s so beautiful, how about you go out there and leave us alone?” Sam responded with a smirk on his face.

“Shut your smart mouth. I have work to do, but you kids don’t. I’m serious. Get out of my house. You’re young. You should go out and have fun. How about you four take a drive into the city?” The father suggested

“Ugh, but what are we gonna do to entertain ourselves on the way?” Claire moaned.

“You kids are creative. How about you tell stories on the way there?” The father suggested.

“Ok, fine. Come on guys, we’ll take my car.” Sam said

They walk up to Sam’s car, and Sam pulls a six pack of beer out of his trunk.

“Well, I’m definitely not driving.” Sam chuckled.

“It’s cool. I can drive. I guess I’ll also start off the story telling.” Arthur replied.

He turns on the engine and they embark towards the city.

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