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Julie Lawson. Where the River Takes Me
Scholastic  $14.99  ISBN 978-0-439-95620-8  283 pg. 
Reviewed by Anastasia, Age 10

My heart leapt into my throat. I tried to utter a warning but no sound came out. So I summoned my strength and courage and every bit of mettle­–as well as my fury at Mr. Cavendish - and screamed, "Mr. Hammond!"

The main character is long, brown, wavy haired Jenna Sinclair who lives in the year of 1849 and she has traveled from Fort Edmonton to Fort Colvile to Staines school, which is in Fort Victoria. Jenna lives in Fort Edmonton with her aunt Grace because her mother died when Jenna was three and her father died getting trampled by a buffalo. But then, Jenna's aunt gets married to Rory Kennedy the blacksmith. They have to move away from their friends and family to Fort Colvile for uncle Rory's work. Shortly after they arrive Jenna goes off to school for the year. What adventures is Jenna going to go through? You'll find out because this whole book is Jenna's diary!
While the events described and some of the characters in this book may be based on actual historical events and real people, Jenna Sinclair is a fictional character created by the author, and her diary is a work of fiction. Julie Lawson has written two other Dear Canada books: No Safe Harbour and A Ribbon of Shining Steel. However, there are many other Dear Canada books in the series, all written by many different authors. I think this book is suitable for ages 8-13.

First, I liked how the author put things in the book that would have happened in the eighteen hundreds; like having to go days away just to get to school or having teachers that strap you. Also I liked how Jenna was adventurous and was always getting into trouble from going too far away from school. Thirdly, I like how Jenna wanted to write her own book and have Rev. Staines or Mr. Cavendish as the villain, and trick them. Or she wanted the hero to be Radish, or at one time Mr. Cavendish. Next, I liked how at the end of the book there was a lot of information about the eighteen hundreds like the fur war or the Hudson Bay Company and that the book said what happened the rest of Jenna's life. Lastly, I liked how the cover has a picture of the main character and that the pages are cut to look frayed, as in all the Dear Canada books.
I give Where the River Takes Me a four star rating.

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