Rusty Sailboat
Kathryn, Age 16, Manassas, VA

Oh Mary, I used to be a white sailboat
Using the wind to sail the waters.
Until one day the winds got strong,
Strong enough to push me hard,
Hard enough to make me fall.
My sails tore.
My decks collapsed.
My inside filled with breathless water.
I watched helplessly
As the wind carried my precious belongings
Out into the sea.
I sank slowly
Not being able to breathe
Or think,
Or scream.
It was a long, hard trip down
Until I hit rock bottom.
Now here I am, laying on rock bottom.
A rusty-brown, dismembered old sailboat.
So please Mary,
Donít let him take you down.
Prepare yourself,
Make yourself the strongest.
Fight the wind,
Donít ever let him win.
Cause its no fun down here,
On this rock hard bottom.

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