Sarah's Stars

Laura Williams. Slant
Milkweed Editions  $6.95  ISBN 978-1-57131-682-0  160 pg.
Reviewed by Victoria, Age 12

It'd be nice if the wish Iím making on the thirteen candles Iím blowing out right now would come true. But like wishing on a star, I don't have much faith that blowing out a bunch of burning wax sticks stuck into a pink frosted cake will do much of anything. Then again, it doesn't stop me from trying.

Lauren is struggling with the main thing on most people's minds. DISCRIMINATION. Lauren is a Korean-American adoptee, with a Chinese sister named Maia, a dad that talks like he's stuck in the nineteenth century, and a tall, beautiful and rich best friend named Julie who insists on paying for every thing. But what no one knows except Lauren herself is that she has saving every penny, nickel and dime to pay for a surgery that will deepen the creases of her eyelids, so she looks a bit like every one else. But after the incident with her motherís nose job, will she end up going through with her plan??

I LOVED this book. It explains what tons of people are going through all over the world. It may not be about their eyes, but it could be about noses, chins, tummy roll, feet, thighs, and a whole lot more.  I also just loved the basis of the story. The first page just sucked me in! A great hook, loved the ending, felt connections with the characters, and I was so sad when I finished it. But, I was overjoyed when she made her decision about the surgery. I think many girls between the ages of 11 and 15 would love to read this book.

Laura E Williams has published over 30 books, and teaches as a high school teacher in Connecticut. She still writes every single chance she gets. Laura was adopted at a young age, and has also been to many places in our large, diverse world.

I think, no, I KNOW that Slant deserves a whole 5 great stars-eth!!!


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