Sarah's Stars

Will Peterson. Triskellion
Candlewick $18.50 ISBN 978-0-7636-3971-6 265 pg.
Reviewed by Tyler, Age 13

Dalton staggered back. “Jesus.”

The boy looked up then, and smiled. 

Dalton did his best to smile back. “Nice trick,” he stammered before turning and tripping over his feet as he hurried back towards the lights. 

Gabriel watched him lurch away, then tossed the burning coin into the air. He followed its bright arc as it spun high across the distant bank of trees, like a shooting star.

The main characters in this story are Rachel, Adam (twins), and their new friend Gabriel.  The twins are sent to a small but odd town called Triskellion following their parent’s divorce.  But soon they find this old town is equally filled with mysteries and danger.  After one failed attempt to leave via train, they find that they may be stuck there for the rest of their lives. 

Triskellion is a must read because the author has captured what it really would be like in an English village from the far past. Triskellion is a good archaeological mystery with action intertwined in it. Plus the twins’ character progression was quite amazing.

I give Triskellion 5 stars. Triskellion is the first book in this trilogy with the second book, Triskellion 2: The Burning coming soon.


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