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James Bow. The Unwritten Books: The Unwritten Girl, Fathom Five, The Young City
Dundurn  $12.99  ISBN 978-1-55002-604-7  205 pg.
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 11

Two of the characters, a butler with a red impression of a noose around his neck and a girl in her late teens wearing a leather jacket covered in badges, her skin blue from asphyxiation, turned and pushed open the doors. The mechanical beat intensified, catching at their hearts and their breathing. They entered. The characters filed in after them.

Waiting at the end of the hall was the Machine.
(from The Unwritten Girl)

Peter and Rosemary have good lives on the outside, but on the inside, life is hard. Peter's parents died in an accident when he was nine, and Rosemary is constantly teased about her brother's nervous breakdown.  They are suddenly thrown together in a series of strange events. Will things turn out for the better or for the worse?

I really liked the first two books, The Unwritten Girl and Fathom Five, because of the enjoyable fantasy-science fiction setting and the friendship that eventually goes romantic. Both are beautifully woven tales of drama and fantasy that are well written, and great books for girls who like to read. But, I DID NOT like the third book, because it did not encourage healthy lifestyle choices. The romance in this book was almost disgusting and the situations in which they find themselves in 1884 were uncomfortable to read about.  I was quite disappointed with The Young City because I really liked The Unwritten Girl and Fathom Five. Again, I thoroughly enjoyed The Unwritten Girl and Fathom Five because of the fast-paced story, realistic characters with lifelike problems and the fantasy adventures. I believe this could have been a five-star series, but for the disappointing third book.

Therefore, I give The Unwritten Books series only four stars. I recommend the first two books for ages 11 and up, but I hesitate to recommend the third book at all.


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