The War of 2043
Christopher, Age 14, Aurora, OR

They were right out of basic training. Private Dickson and Private Johnson, they were headed for China. The war of 2043 had turned around. America was being pushed back. The new guys got there on a plane. After an hour of sitting around doing nothing they heard, “They’re coming.”

China started to fire upon the base. Sergeant Grey was the highest ranking officer there at the time, so he led the battle. China out numbered them and would not let up on them. Dickinson was nervous he had never seen live combat before, but oddly Johnson was adjusting even though he barely passed basic training. China was being pushed back so they started firing artillery. It started to shake the foundation of the fort. It started to rip things apart. Dickinson looked to his left and sees Johnson flying through the air from artillery. Dickinson runs over to his bloody body and grabs him. But before he can say anything Sergeant Grey grabs him and says “We need to retreat,” then Grey pulls him and others away from the field.

A couple of hours later they arrive at America’s main base in China. They were greeted by General Armstrong who was a veteran of the war of 2035 against Russia.

“Hello gentlemen, I would like a full report of what happened,” he said. An hour later after giving him all of the details of what had happened General Armstrong said, “Well interesting but not important, we have a bigger problem.”

“What could be a bigger problem then being pushed back from the capital of China,” said Sergeant Grey

“We have good information, that China is planning to fire all of its missiles at the U.S which is more then enough to destroy everything there,” said General Armstrong. Grey said, “What are we going to do about it.’

“We need to send a small group of soldiers to disarm the firing system, you to put that team together,” said General Armstrong.

Sergeant Grey and Private Dickinson went and put the best team they could together but unfortunately it still wasn’t that good. They headed off; they really didn’t run into any problems along the way. They got to a place where they could see the base where they were going to launch the missiles from. They started to move in on the base. They got to about one hundred feet away from the base and someone noticed them and yelled in Chinese. Then there were a dozen people firing at them; three of their guys went down. They went and ducked behind some rocks. Sergeant Grey threw a grenade that threw all of the Chinese soldiers out of the base. They then snuck into the base and ran into the main building. They ran into some more people and Grey ordered the two remaining men to deal with them. Grey and Dickinson then ran into the control room.

Just as they were about to stop the countdown a Chinese soldier ran in and stabbed Sergeant Grey. Right before he stabbed Dickinson he grabbed his arm and stopped him. They began to wrestle and hit the detonation button on the missiles which made them blow up before they even launched. There were explosions through all of China leaving the whole country as a wasteland with no survivors.

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