The Assignment
Sienna, Age 10, Vancouver, BC

I hold still and hope she doesn’t look my way. I tiptoe ever so quietly closer and closer to her bag. Aha! I knew it! She stole my assignment again!

This she-person is my sister Anna. She’s always stealing my A’s and getting all the credit. Well not this time!

I snatch the assignment and replace it with hers. Too bad for me, my teacher catches me switching the assignments. I try to tell her that my sister switched the assignments this morning, but she doesn’t believe me. I end up getting a detention!

After my punishment, I go home to think of another plan for tomorrow’s assignment. The next day, before we get to school, I check Anna’s bag to see if she has stolen my new assignment. I find it, but when I take it out of her bag, she sees me! I ask Anna why she took my assignment, and she says it was because of the great marks I always get. Then she starts to cry,

“I was just jealous of all your great marks!” She wails.

I can’t believe it, but I actually start to feel sorry for her.

“I could help you study.” I suggest.

While we are waiting for the bus, I help Anna check over her assignment. When we get to school, we both get A’s!

Going to bed that night, I find it odd that I am happier Anna got an A than I thought I would be! After all – this time it wasn’t really my “A.” She had earned it all by herself. (Well, maybe with a little help from her twin.)

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