The Beings in My Room
Teddy, Age 11, Vancouver, BC

By day they sleep,
By night they teach and tell stories.
The animals in my bedroom
Are thought to be measly stuffed toys
By my parents.
But, I know
That they are much, much more.

The animals in my bedroom
Are actually famous professors
That have studied literature deep
In the heart of my bookshelf
Where no humans seem to go.
There, they are protected
By a great curtain
That no one can push aside.

It was woven with wizardís magic
To keep their knowledge safe.
On this bookshelf
True knowledge
Waits to be discovered.
Questions that tickle the minds of believers,
Answers that the greatest scientists
Have not yet imagined.

But for now my furry professors sleep
Until the sun sets
Then, they can share all their stories
And teach all their knowledge
To me.

I know they are more than
Measly stuffed toys!

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