Crystal Tears
Samantha, Age 12, Salmon Arm, BC

The crystals come from the sky, dancing around like a mist of faeries. Beautiful big flakes come down on my face. Come down, fall, fall. Itís sound, silent, peaceful, itís like an angel's call. Cold, wet, perfect. I wish you were always like this. Beautiful, white, soundless. The times I stare at you in awe, itís countless. The first time we met, you made me all wet. I put my head back, arms out stretched, sticking out my tongue to the cloudy sky. Waiting for you to reach me, waiting for you to hear my cry. In your white bliss you dance, just give me a chance. To catch you in my hand, to see your unique design before you fade to nothing but a clear puddle.

Every one of you is special, different in your own way; I wish I could press pause on this moment, this day. Slowing down, I look around and Iím so amazed. I think about the little things that make life great. I wouldnít change a thing about it, this is the best feeling. I hope you can always stay, this moment is perfect. Please donít go away. I need you now. Iíll hold on to it, donít you ever just pass by.

Feel calm, I belong, Iím so happy here. I wait through everything just for you to come. You come once a year, the day I donít shed a single tear. Only when you leave. Because next time it wonít be magical. Wonít be angelic. Next time it will be naive. The next time you fall, wonít be on an angels call. The next time you come around, I wonít be making a single happy sound. The next time you come, you wonít be my friend. You will be cold, piercing, ugly, dead.

Only the first time you fall in the New Year, is when I donít shed a single tear. The first snow fall is the best, unlike the cold, ugly rest. I hold onto the one time youíre my friend, the one time youíre warm and beautiful. So please just once every year; fall, fall, fall, and listen to the angels call.

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