Sad Turned into Glad
Adrian, Age 8, Vancouver, BC

We had a wonderful vacation in Kelowna and were just heading back to Vancouver. The weather was hot and our car was hotter. Everyone was tired and cranky. All of sudden the car started smoking. My dad said something that I wonít repeat and my mom looked stressed!

My dad got out and started waving his hands to make people stop so that they would help us. Every car that stopped said that they were sorry but they couldnít help. Things were going badly.

Then this white car comes up behind us and a big man with a smile gets out. I canít believe it, but Iíd know that face anywhere. He was Trevor Linden, the best player on the Canucks team. Wow!

He asked dad if he could help and 2 minutes later we were driving in Trevor Lindenís new car to Vancouver and he was back with our car waiting for a tow truck.

The next day I helped dad clean Trevorís car and we drove it to Trevorís house down by the beach. I got to go in with dad and Trevor said he would come visit my team sometime.

The next week when I was sitting in the change room of Kerrisdale Arena, the same big man with a smile on his face came in the door. Trevor Linden is my hero!

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