Aerial Lake
Prarthana, Age 9, Mysore, Karnataka, India

The water glistened steadily in the glow of the rising sun
The water flowed swiftly and smoothly,
looking like a piece of pristine crystal,
sitting above the puffy clouds.

The water sprang and hopped across the lake
A rainbow adorned the lake with vibrant colors
and the ponies and unicorns frolicked about
The soft green moss embroidered the banks,
and hues of flowers decorated the edges of the lake.

The weeping willows swayed in tune
to the sound of lake water dripping.
Tiny pixies flew everywhere
and caused mischief around.

The unicorns laughed and jumped,
and the ponies made a high tingling laugh.
The aquamarine water was shining bright;
and colorful fishes swam here and there.

The beauty of the unicorns you must see!
The frolicking unicorns and dancing ponies.

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