Ramna, Age 13, Toronto, ON

Some people long for a world
That is challenge-free.
A world not bitterly poisoned
And permanently scarred
By obstacles to overcome
And problems to solve.
They dream of paradise
Where an unconditional love
That holds no boundaries
Lies waiting in the midst of
Ever-lasting flower gardens;
Grand and glorious.
They visualize a divine abode
Where obstacles, and issues
Are of no existence,
And the sky remains
Forever blue.
Where such things would
Not be able to burden their lives
With such extremely heavy weights.
Yet when truly experiencing
A period in time
When little problems occur,
Is it truly as blissful
As expected to live a life
That is free of trouble?
Would it not prove to be
A dull and rather pointless life?
Does one not learn from
Life’s experiences,
Whether they offer enjoyment
Or woe and misery?
In that case, a life that is
Purified of all problems,
Dilemmas, and issues,
Would certainly not be ideal.
A life containing nothing but
Bliss and pure ecstasy,
With no challenges
For one to overcome,
Is truly not life at all.

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