The First Slingshot
Anna, Age 13, Warminster, PA

Under the sun
with the bright, fluffy clouds
they decided to run,
to find something not found.

To see where they peered,
they climbed up a tree,
even though heights they feared.
All so that they could see.

As soon as they saw their hearts desire
they clambered out of the tree with a bounce,
without any tire,
ready to pounce.

They stood in awe of that toy.
Then they stepped to the door
ready to buy so that there would be joy.
That toy was the newest in the store.

Hoping that it was not bought
they pulled the door with all their might,
but move would it not.
One said, “This door is too tight,

A boy said, “Let’s go sit.”
So they followed the one who led.
Finally, someone had a fit.

Another replied,
“Trying again cannot be a sin.”
They let him pass after they all sighed.
Eventually he pushed through.

He ran to the door with a cry.
“Oh, this is new!”
“It’s evens better than my mother’s pie!”
There was a sign,

“push,” it simply read
on the black line.
“Come on,” he said.
Then he just pushed the door wide open.

“There you go,” he said,
And they paid him for the toy with a token.
Always remember to read.
To many places it will lead!

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