Kirsten and the Turtles of Indonesia
Omar, Age 8, Vancouver, BC

Once upon a time there was a girl named Kirsten. She lived with her parents Victoria and Albert in a very, very old house in London, England. Albert was tall and had a good sense of humour. Victoria was short and very serious.

One day, Kirsten decided to visit her Uncle Hanif and her Aunt Petunia in Indonesia. The day they arrived in the swelteringly hot country, the newspapers announced that a new law had taken force: everyone was to start smoking turtles, that is roast them over big pits on the beach, every year on November the 13th – Kirsten’s birthday – and anyone who did not smoke the turtles, would be send to jail.

Kirsten’s favourite animals just happened to be turtles, so when she found out she was so angry she felt like punching each and every one of the idiotic, good-for-nothing government officials in the face!

When November the 13th came, Kirsten and family were out buying the turtles and chose five big ones. Kirsten looked at the five big, beautiful turtles that would soon be in someone’s stomach, and felt terribly guilty. She decided then and there to try and set them free!

After the adults had purchased the turtles, Kirsten asked to hold their cage. As soon as their backs were turned, Kirsten opened the cage and set the turtles free. When her parents and her aunt and uncle saw the cage was empty, they knew Kirsten had released them; she had a guilty look on her face. They began a shouting match about why Kirsten had released them.

“What have you done you silly girl? Now we will all be thrown in jail!” said her Aunt Petunia.

“Well, I don’t want to eat them!”

“Want has nothing to do with it! What made you let those turtles go?” said Kirsten’s mother.

“Turtles are my favourite animals, and no way am I going to eat them!”

While they were argued the turtles vanished into the crowd!

Once everybody had calmed down, Kirsten persuaded the adults not to eat any more turtles. Instead, they decided all to fly to London, so that her Aunt and Uncle could move in at Kirsten’s place and live with her family, where they would never have to eat turtles again.

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