No One Walks Where I Have Walked
Ramna, Age 13, Toronto, ON

I am lonely
in a room full of people
who all try to
share the burden of
my sadness,
yet no one
truly understands me.
no one sees
what I see
in this cruel world.
No one walks
where I have walked
in our journeys
through life.
Everyone hears me.
They hear
what I have to say
as I speak to them,
telling them that
I appreciate
their kindness.
They hear
what I say
with my tongue,
but no one listens
to what I have to say
with my heart.
My heart
tells them that
I am lost.
It tells them that
their consolations
and kind words
do nothing for me.
But no one listens
I am lonely
in a room full of people.

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