Beating the Waves
Mia, Age 13, Tucson, AZ

Straining at leashes put upon them,
I swim in their mist fearing theyre undone,
Catching me in their mouth tearing around,
The roar from their lips in unlike any sound.

These waves rip and tear anything in their path,
There is nothing to do to pacify their wrath.
I think of my home, the sweet isle fair,
And my parents on knees sending fervent prayers.

For their only son was foolish enough,
To venture in seas rabid and rough.
Why did I leave that sweet isle fair?
For now I am drowning, timid, and scared.

I envision my home and kind parents' faces,
In one last struggle the endless wave races,
Coming up coughing something gained for my feat.
Is that a rock cleft on my isle so sweet?

I push even harder with hopeful thoughts in mind,
Could it be my sweet home I will find?
I continue to push and soon make a start,
Stronger and stronger hope beats in my heart!

The waves reach forward but I push away them all,
Shocked they pull back. Could this be a lull?
Not wasting my time I push hotly ahead,
Theres no way Id be coming home dead!

Im here! Im here! I cheer, gripping the sand,
"Back on my own sweet isle land!"
I race up the path, leaving that water filled grave,
Then I stop and smile: Ive beaten the waves!

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