Werewolf Problems
Isabelle, Age 9, Vancouver, BC

My pack camped outside tonight since we couldn’t find a place to stay. We morphed back into our natural form and stayed in a simple, thin forest. There were a lot of things to eat, including birds, squirrels, rabbits and various kinds of berries.

Our first night was a total disaster. Mounties found us. Well no, they found Rustle really.

Rustle was hunting when some bright circles of light started patrolling the forest floor, circling as if they were looking for something or... someone. Suddenly Rustle was right in the middle of a light.

“Wolves!” shouted one Mountie. Rustle changed into a human out of stupidity, fired two gunshots and ran.

The other Mounties heard the gunshots from their cabins, and ran in the direction of them, to find their friends lying on the forest floor, dying. One of them managed to get one word out before he dropped dead.

“Werewolves” he gasped.

The Mounties decided to call up Mr. Bard: the Ghost, Vampire and Werewolf exterminator.

“Hello Mr. Bard,” said the head-Mountie, ”We have a werewolf problem here at Phantom Park. We believe there’s a whole pack of them staying here.”

“I’ll be right there!” replied Mr. Bard.

Mr. Bard arrived at about 3 o’ clock in a full safety suit with a bullet-proof vest and a mask which almost completely hid his face.

“You said you had a ‘werewolf problem’?” he mimicked the head-Mountie, ”Well, they will be gone in no time.”

“I really hope so,” sighed the head Mountie. The level of life here has really gone down.”

Mr. Bard disappeared into the forest. After an hour, the Mounties grew bored, they started to lounge in beach chairs, wear sunglasses, and drink ice-cold lemonade. They looked like they were at a beach.

Finally the exterminator came back with a few bullet holes in his jacket that went through to his bullet-proof vest, but he was not harmed.

“That’s it, they’re gone. Just another night’s work!“, Mr. Bard said proudly.

They thought we had disappeared, but they were wrong. Humans are easy to fool with a little hiking equipment. That guy with the pistol even waved to us.

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