Sarah's Stars

Tom MacRae and Nick Ward. Baby Pie
Andersen $24.95  ISBN 978-1-84270-824-8  28 pg.
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 11 and Carson, Age 8

Three little trolls,
Climbing over fences,
Trampling over flower beds,
Wanting Baby Pie.

“Can you sniff it?”
“Can you whiff it?”
“Lick lips, pat belly, my oh my.”

Oink, Boink, and Moink are 3 hungry little trolls, and when they smell a baby, they decide it’s time to have some baby pie! But when they reach the baby, they’re in for a big surprise!

Baby Pie was unique because it read like a poem, and its simple plot was easy to understand, yet not very intriguing for older readers. The drawings by Nick Ward represented the settings well, and gave emotion to the characters, making the drawings one of the best parts of the story. We also enjoyed that even though the words were simple, they were still descriptive, and were powerful enough to keep the story going. The story was very amusing, especially the characters and the ending, which was very funny. We know that Baby Pie will be enjoyable for younger readers.

We give Tom MacRae’s book, Baby Pie, 4 stars, and recommend it for ages 3 to 5.


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