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Jane Simmons. Beryl: A Pig’s Tale
Little, Brown & Co.  $16.99  ISBN 978-0-316-04410-3  216 pg.
Reviewed by Esme, Age 10

Beryl is, well, a pork pig. She lives in a stall with her horrid aunt Misery and her terrible cousins. But when she is taken somewhere in a truck and she falls out, she is thrown into the wilderness. And when she meets Amber, it’s just the beginning of her adventures...

This book was clearly aimed for slightly younger children, you can tell because of the style of writing; when Beryl and Amber are squealing with glee, or when they are trying to cross the road, it gave little description, but I still enjoyed it. Beryl is a bright character, so by the end of the book you know a lot about her. Some of this book was unrealistic, but it was a good   unrealistic, like when the bears helped the pigs, or when Beryl saved a drowning piglet. This book had little fact, but I did learn a thing or two such as wild pigs eat mushrooms and roots, and that pigs can swim. It was, overall, a pretty good book.

Jane Simmons is best known for her bestselling Daisy the Duck picture book series. She lives on a former fishing boat named “Prosperity”. Beryl: A Pig’s Tale is her first novel.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I give Beryl: A Pig’s Tale four stars and recommend it for ages 7-10.


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