Sarah's Stars

Kathy Kacer. The Diary of Laura's Twin
Second Story $14.95  ISBN 978-1-897187-39-5  202 pg.
Reviewed by Anika, Age 11

I was scared -- there was no doubt about that. I hadn't even begun this mission and my heart was pounding so hard, I thought David might even be able to hear it! But I knew I was ready to help. This time, I didn't need Deena to push me, or Mendal to dare me. I was ready on my own. I stared up at David and said, "Let's go."

Laura lives in modern times. Sara lives during the Holocaust. Both are Jewish, both have a little sister and both are dealing with a deadly thing. Anti-Semitism. At a Jewish graveyard, vandalism is happening, deeply bothering Laura. Sara is inside the Warsaw Ghetto, living in constant fear of being deported to Treblinka, another camp like Auschwitz. But when Laura gets a strange diary, the two girls are linked through it. And at Laura's Bat Mitzvah, she will get a truly amazing surprise.

The Diary of Laura's Twin is written in two parts that interweave between each other.  There is Laura's part and Sara's diary. I'd recommend this book for ages 9 and up, because of the wording used and the understanding of it. The author, Kathy Kacer, has written many books. This includes Hiding Edith, Whispers from the Ghetto, The Underground Reporters, Clara's War, The Night Spies, and The Secret of Gabi's Dresser. Hiding Edith has also made its way to Italy.

The Diary of Laura's Twin is a heartwarming story. Laura has feelings, problems and a personality that is easy to relate to. None of the characters feel unreal. Laura's feelings are well described. It is written in a tidy fashion that really helps to make everything easier to understand. The parts about Laura are written so you can easily tell them apart from Sara's diary. At the end are two stories about real Jewish kids Bat/Bar Mitzvah's that used the twinning program. Sara's diary tells of almost all the horrors inside the ghetto, and when it stops abruptly the rest gets filled in through Laura's Bat Mitzvah. Sara has hopes, wishes and really gives the book a perfect second element. It is a difficult book to put down; I found that it made me come close to crying. 

The Diary of Laura's Twin is a very good book. I give it four fantastic stars.


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