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Margaret Peterson Haddix. Found
(The Missing: Book I) 
Aladdin $8.99  ISBN 978-1-4169-5421-7  314 pg.
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 11

He picked up the envelope and went over to sit on the floor with his back pressed against the door, so he'd have some warning if anyone tried to come in. Carefully, he eased his finger under the flap of the envelope and gently lifted it.

He could tell even before he pulled the letter out that most of it was blank. He fumbled unfolding it, one edge of the paper getting stuck against the other side. And then it was open. He flattened the paper against the floor, so he could see every word all at once.

There were seven this time:

Jonah is adopted. He has been for 13 years and will be for the rest of his life. It’s not a big deal to Jonah; he’s known it for his entire life. His friend Chip just found out a little while ago. When they both start receiving strange messages in the mail, they know they’ve stumbled on a mystery that may be related to the circumstances surrounding their adoptions. But they never realized that it would involve the distant past to the far reaches of the future…

Found is a thrilling read that grabs you and will not let you go until you’ve finished the book. Found has a firm plot that speeds along to a surprising climax and leaves you with an exciting cliff hanger that will make you want the next book. The characters are mesmerising and unique, each with their own personality. As tensions rise and the story speeds towards the heart-pounding ending, I know Margaret Peterson Haddix’s second book, SENT, will fly off the shelves.

Margaret Peterson Haddix has written many children’s books including Running Out of Time, Double Identity, Escape from Memory, Palace of Mirrors, and the Shadow Children series. Found is the first book in her new Sci-Fi series, The Missing, which is recommended for ages 8-12.

I give Book I FOUND 5 thrilling stars.


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