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Nancy Hartry. Watching Jimmy
Tundra $18.99  ISBN 978-0-88776-871-2  160 pg.
Reviewed by Anastasia, Age 11

I thought he was safe. But no, Jimmy was like a burr to be shaken loose. The car lurched and Jimmy was thrown from passenger door and back again. Oh, those sore shoulders! Oh, the noise! I started to scramble down from the tree. "Stop! Stop! Stop!" He didn't hear me. I was dangling from the lowest branch when Jimmy's body flew out the back of the car. It arced in the air and dropped to the ground. Jimmy lay still.

The main character is Carolyn who lives with a boy named Jimmy and his mom Jean who Carolyn calls family, since they've know each other for so long. Jimmy loves his uncle Tedís car just like all the other kids on the street and is always playing with it. So one day Ted tries to run Jimmy over and Jimmy jumps into the car to avoid getting hit but then gets thrown and gets brain damage. So now Carolyn helps aunt Jean look after and take care of Jimmy since aunt Jean babysits her when her momís working at the button factory. A doctor might be able to cure Jimmy but it will cost a lot of money and aunt Jean and Jimmy are poor. Will aunt Jean be able to make enough money to cure Jimmy?

I liked the book Watching Jimmy because right away it got into the story as Jimmy is thrown off the car. Also I like how the book had lots of detail on pretty much everything. Like when Hartry writes, "There was so much food that it spilled over into our side of the semi-detached houseĒ. Thirdly, I like how this book had exciting parts through most of the book, which made me never want to stop reading it. Lastly I like how the back of the book has Carolyn calling "uncle Ted" and asking what he's done to her aunt Jean because it makes it sound like a murder story like the movies 1 Missed Call and When a Stranger Calls.

I give Watching Jimmy a four star rating and think this story is suitable for ages 9 to 13. 


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