Krishna's Flute
Subhashri, Age 13, Hong Kong, China

I heard the birds chirping, the cows mooing and Krishna playing the flute,
I ran out of my hut to look where is he?

He stood there, eyes closed and enjoying the flute,
I sat under his feet, melted in the love of his flute.

As he was playing the flute, he took me to Goluk, where we both danced with enjoyment.

He suddenly told me to sing for his flute’s music.

I sang, “You are the one that we love, whose heart is wide open forever.”

He asked me, “Why are you so beautiful like the flower in the garden?”

I answered, "Without the garden, the flower is never beautiful."

He asked me, “Why are you so genius?”

I answered him that I am genius because I am Krishna’s love.

He comes to my house to steel the butter,
But he actually ends up steeling my heart.

I told him to open his mouth, so he can eat, but instead he showed me the 3 worlds in his mouth.

He pulled my saree and said I am trapped,
But really he is the one who is trapped by my heart.

We played Holi, he asked, “Why should I put colors on you? You are already so colorful of love.”

I answered him, “You should make me physically colorful to show the world our love.”

When it was sunset, we both sat near Ganga; he played the flute and made me fall in love again.

He asked, “Who can make these humans understand that they shouldn’t be scared of death?”

I answered, “Don’t make me laugh; you are the only one that can make them understand.”

He said, “You make my words fail by your affection and love.”

I said to him, “Well that is why you are Krishna and I am Radhe.”

He said, “Ya Radhe!”

I said him that he always lies and makes me fall in love.

He replied, “I never lie, and it is just that your heart that thinks I lie.”

I said him, “I will pass the entire test, and I will be whatever you make me to be.”

Later, he got tired, and pretended to sleep, but he got up and played the flute to make me fall in sleep.

I complained to him that to be Radhe is a big work, he said, “Let me try to wear your saree and be Radhe."

I helped him change his clothes to saree; and I thought he looked beautiful as Radhe.

“See Krishna, I become Radhe after wearing this saree!” Krishna said.

“Just by wearing the saree, you can’t become Radhe, you need to understand the pain of my love!” I said.

He said that I look handsome as Krishna.

Suddenly, my friends rushed and asked loudly to Krishna, “Where is our friend, Radhe?”

He didn’t reply, he instead played the flute so he can stay more time with me at the same time enjoy making them dance.

But I needed to go, so I got up from Krishna, but Krishna tried to stop me by asking, “Why are you leaving me?”

“If I don’t leave you now, my friends will come here looking for me!”

He said “Radhe, now you can go but come tomorrow at the same time! I will be waiting for you here! You understand that I came here when I play the flute!”

“No, no, don’t play the flute, when you play the flute, everyone will come to know you came, and they will see me coming here, and they will tease me!” I said.

“Then, can we stop loving Radhe?” he asked!

“Krishna?” I was very sad.

“Love is devotion Radhe, love is respect, love is itself a reall work, love is human’s hearts music, love is flute's music, love is the gateway of the husband to wife, and from wife to husband, love is when one is intended, and when one is dedicated! Love is lovers self Radhe! Radhe Krishna’s self!” he explained!

“Krishna, forgive me, from now I don’t care if anyone teases me! But still don’t play the flute, when you play it, I loose myself and I just can’t control myself.” I said.

“Ok Radhe, than how will you know I came here?”

“I will know, Radhe and Krishna are not different, I will always know where is my other half!”

“Ok Radhe!”

“Jai Shri Radhekrishna!”

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