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Kim Kane. Pip: The Story of Olive 
David Fickling $14.95  ISBN 978-0-385-66429-5  243 pg.
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 11

Olive has a strange life. It wasn't that her Mother's name is Mog, or that she has a strange relationship with a man named William Peters Mustard Seed, or that she likes things in pairs, or even because she looked slightly like an extra-terrestrial. It was because Olive Garnaut only ever felt half. That is, until Pip came along...

Pip: The Story of Olive is a fun and deeply connecting story about the awful consequences of popularity, and the craziness of having a sister.  I loved this amazing story, because of the light-hearted theme and bubbly (can I use that word?) fantasy that will make you smile, laugh and cry along with the characters.  This is a great book that is definitely worth a spot on your bookshelf. Wow! What a wonderful book!

Pip: The Story of Olive is Kim Kane's first novel. Kim does not like chickens, but yet she does acknowledge that most children’s book writers do. However, she does love telling stories. Kim Kane has written an exciting story about a girl that tries to fit in. I would recommend this for grades 4 and up.

I give Pip: The Story of Olive 5 stars!


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