Selena and the Frog
Adriana, Age 8, San Angelo, TX

There was lonely frog on the side of the pond. A little girl named Selena saw it. Selena thought that it looked sad. So Selena picked up the frog. Selena took it home. When she got home, she showed it to her mom. Her mom said, "Go put that frog where you got it from right now!"

"But mom!" Selena said.

"But nothing Selena I am your mom. You listen to me. I don't listen to you. "

"But mom," she said sadly, "it's not going to have anybody to watch over it. It's not going to have anybody to play with."

"There are other frogs in the pond, Selena," mom said.

"Maybe the frogs don't like this frog."

Then her annoying brother and sister came in.

"Where have you all been?" asked mom.

"At the park," they replied.

"Did you have permission to go?" asked mom.


"Then why did you go?"

"Because we felt like it," they replied.

"Go upstairs, I will talk to you two in a minute!" yelled mom.

"You can keep the frog, Selena." mom said.

"YAY!!!!!!!" she exclaimed.

"Go call your brother and sister down here."

"Ha! Ha! You're in trouble! Mom wants you to go down stairs, now!"

"You two are grounded! No going to football games! No waching TV or all that fun stuff!" mom told them.

"But mom!" they begged.

"But nothing y'all are grounded this is the last time I am going to say this!"

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